Monday, August 10, 2009

Driving with Daddy

Just for the record, the car never actually moved. I mean we are no Britney Spears kind of parents :) We were waiting on a friend after church Sunday so I decided to snap a few pics of Mark playing with Christopher in the car. At least I have a while before he really starts driving. I will be a nervous wreck...

Honking the horn

Playing with the buttons

My handsome boys!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Aiden and Mark-July '09

Family dinner night at Country's

Waiting on our table outside on the deck

My sweet nephew, Aiden

Cousins! Mark is 16 months and Aiden is 3 months :)

This was the best one I could get...

Mark looks so big compared to him!

July '09 randoms

So July came and went so quickly for me and I haven't been blogging like I should (as usual). Mark is getting so big and grown-up. He moves up to his new classroom at daycare Monday and I can't believe it! Here are some pics from our life lately.

Eating yogurt all by myself! My son is so independent. I think he got that from me...

Cheese :)

Trying to use a spoon. I think he missed a few times! HA

Givin' some love

He loves to walk his puppy, even if it's the wrong way :)