Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mark's 1st Valentine's Day

I'm getting a little sad that Mark's 1st's are about to be over. He's growing up so fast. We only have his 1st Birthday left to celebrate! I still can't believe he's about to be a year old.
Here's my precious little man on Valentine's day. He was sporting his 1st Valentine's tee and getting ready to go hang out with his Paw-Paw and Nana while me and Christopher had dinner. We hadn't been out in a while so it was fun, although very crowded!

He loves cell phones...

These pictures are of Mark and his friends at daycare the day before Valentine's day. They were celebrating with a class party. All they wanted to eat were the cupcakes :)

Mark and his class. He was watching his little friend pig out on some frosting :)

My little piglet chowing down! This is what he looked like when I walked in the door. It was hilarious.

His neighbor kept touching him and he didn't like it at all. They made up in the end so everything was great when we left that afternoon :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

January 2009

I was thinking about what I wanted to blog on and decided that I should recap January because alot of things happened during this month. Well to bring in the New Year, Mark had his first stomach bug, which he kindly passed on to his Mommy. I literally thought I was dying. I guess I hadn't been sick in a while so I was a little dramatic about it ;). I won't go into details about either of us, but just know it wasn't good!
Our friends Daniel and Ashleigh got married on January 10th. It was a wonderful day despite the fact little one was cranky which made pictures difficult. We made it through. We were all in the wedding! Mark was in his first wedding before he was even a year old. Doesn't he look cute?? I was glad the family got dressed up and we got a few pictures.

The Stewart's and the Adams' (minus Mark)

Our little family


Look out ladies....

Well on Jan. 7th Mark 1st clapped his hands and LOVES doing it! He is so proud of himself. It's precious :) On Jan. 15th he 1st used a sippee cup all day at daycare! He hasn't used a bottle since, and I love not having to wash tons of bottles. I only use them to mix his formula and then I pour it in a cup. Now here's the biggest first for the month...on Jan. 17th Mark took his FIRST STEPS :) He hasn't walked too much since without his little push toy, but still he walked a few steps! I was so proud of him :)

Another important event happened in January. On Jan. 19th Ian James Liggin entered the world. Fred and Alison are proud parents of an adorable little baby boy! I can't wait to meet him!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Valentine's Day! Enjoy your weekend :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Ava Madeline

My cousin Shelby had her precious baby girl, Ava Madeline yesterday around 4:30. She was 3 weeks early, so she is TINY. She weighed in at 4 lbs. 15 oz. When I held her she was so light it was like I was holding air! She and Mom are doing great. They should be home Saturday. I didn't have my camera because I rushed to the hospital as soon as I got into town and picked my Dad up, but hopefully I can get some soon and post them. Hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday. Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

11 months

MeRrY cHrIsTmAs!!
December 2008

Picking out Mark's 1st pumpkin!
October 2008

Before church with Mommy
August 2008

My sweet little baby is 11 months old today!! I can't believe that in a month we will be celebrating his first birthday. I've already started planning, but still have tons to do before the big day :) I was just thinking back over the last couple months and decided to share some more pictures. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday...I'm ready for the weekend!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Marky Mark

Mark at 6 months old!
He LOVES bath time!
September 2008

Mark on Halloween as the Cookie Monster! He really hated his costume!
7 months old
October 2008

Mark on Thanksgiving showing off his adorable bib :)
8 months old
November 2008

Precious little reindeer butt!!
Mark's 1st Christmas :)
9 months old
December 2008

No longer a Walgreen's customer...

Well after we had our experience at the After Hours clinic with Mark, we venture to Walgreen's to get his meds. We got there around 10:15, and I was amazed by how many people were there at this time of the night. Must have been a popular outing event for Thursday night! We drop off the prescriptions and the man, whose name we find out later to be Billy, says it will be 30 or 45 minutes. We kind of expected that so we were going to look around. I also had to get something to eat because I hadn't had dinner. So we pick up some Cheez-its and a Dr. Pepper and start browsing around Walgreen's. It had been about 30 minutes and we decided to go over towards the pharmacy to see if they are close to getting to us. Well several people were gone by this point, so we decided to just wait there. People kept getting their medicine and leaving, then a woman who came in after us gets hers and we begin to wonder if they forgot about us. I go up to the counter and ask if they had called Adams and we just didn't hear them. Billy replies "I was just wondering where your prescription was". Come to find out, Billy had lost our prescription!!! Yes after we had been waiting an hour he discovers our prescription is no where to be found. He and another woman who was helping him start frantically looking for it and don't find it for like 10 minutes. She finally finds it sitting by the computer under a piece of paper. "Is this it Billy?" she says in a very annoyed voice. Billy says "Oh yeah I was about to put it in the computer..." Well Billy decides to just move on to the customers in the drive-thru window. My Mom then proceeds to ask the lady if he is working on our prescription. She says "I thought he was". Then he says "Yes ma'am I am, but you are not the only ones waiting". My Mom says "We were here first". "They had dropped their prescription off earlier" he says. Um I'm sorry but if they had already dropped off their prescription it should have already been finished. We are both highly ticked by this point. My Mom asks for a manager. This is where we lose it. A young, black man comes back to the pharmacy and goes behind the counter and stands there. My Mom said "Are you the manager?". "Yeah". He says YEAH. My Mom then tells him what has been going on. He says nothing! Nothing...not kiss my foot...I'm sorry ma'am for your inconvenience...NOTHING. Billy finally gets finished and we start to check out. Before he finishes I ask to see the prescription to check the medicine he gave me. I'm sorry if I doubt you Billy, but you were incompetent enough to lose my prescription. How do I know you are going to give me the wrong meds? Well we end up not having to pay for the medicine, which we shouldn't have had to do after all of that anyway. We get checked out and start to leave. My Mom says "Don't worry we won't be back." Bye bye Billy and Walgreen's...forever!