Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lazenby Farm

Mark's class along with two or three others at the daycare went to the pumpkin patch last week.  I took the morning off so I could go :)  The kids had so much fun, and I loved being able to share the experience with Mark.  He is at such a fun age.  He enjoys everything about life.  I know I can learn a lot from him and Alyssah about loving life the way they do.  Why do we have to grow up? ;)

They went to a pumpkin patch that is actually at a local farm here in Auburn.  It was fun seeing more than just the pumpkins.  The kids rode a hayride to the patch and it through corn and cotton that is planted on the farmland.  They picked cotton and learned about what they do with it on the farm and once it leaves the farm.  They got to pet a bull calf and play on an awesome playground.

My most favorite part of the trip was the story the lady leading the field trip told about the pumpkins.  It sold me on Lazenby Farm and we will be back next year!

She was asking the kids about what they know about farms.  She saved the pumpkins for the end and told this story.

She said you know that you and this pumpkin are a lot alike. (Stay with me...I wasn't sure where she was going either!)  She said when you open up a pumpkin there is yucky stuff inside.  We feel yucky inside when we do bad things or are mean to our friends.  Right?  The kids said yes.  She then said well when we say we are sorry or do good things we feel better and the yucky feeling on the inside go away.  Right?  The kids said yes.  She said so when we carve the pumpkin we take the yucky stuff out, carve a face on him, and then put a light inside for the face to shine.  Well when we are good we shine like a light to others.  Then she said you know who my light is?  She said Jesus.  He came into my heart and cleaned out the yucky and placed a light inside of me to shine for Him.  And he can do the same for you if you ask Him.  WOW!  I teared up.  A simple little story but what an impact.  I guess we are a lot like pumpkins ;)

Thank goodness for Jesus, and His love for us.  He will come in our hearts and take all the bad, ugly parts of us and make us the way we should be.  He can redeem us to be the people we were created to be.  I just love it!

I hope you and your loved ones are enjoying the fall season.  I love the reflection that this time of year brings.
I will post pics of Mark and his friends at the patch soon :)


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Fun!

Last weekend, the kids and I just needed to get out of the house and I didn't want to load them up and take them somewhere.  I just decided we would collect some of the thousands of acorns we have falling from all of our trees in the neighborhood.  They had a blast!  I don't know what it is but children love the satisfaction you get from collecting things.  I just like giving them something to keep them busy ;)  I love everything about this time of year.  It would be even better if Auburn was playing better, but I guess that's not really the most important thing about fall ;)  I just love all that this season brings: fun traditions, cooler weather, amazing beauty of God's creation, family time, thankfulness, reflection, and the beginning of the holiday season. Thank you Lord, God for your blessings!
Here are some fun shots of my babies :)  Oh yeah and my Alyssah got glasses!  Isn't she cute!? ;)

I could stare at her happy face

I just LOVE this sweet expression!

My heart overflows with thankfulness for these two!