Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

Halloween was extremely busy for us this year. We had our niece's 3rd birthday party, my brother's wedding, and trick-or-treating to do. I'll save the first two activities for my next posts, but for now these are from Halloween night. We were going to take Mark trick-or-treating while us older people went trick-or-canning for the homeless, but he fell asleep. He was exhausted from the long day we had, but it was rainy and nasty anyway. He had a good long nap with Daddy while we collected cans!

The Rubble's (I wish Christopher's eyes were open)

Me and Christopher :)

Mark and Aunt Jess

Betty and Bamm-Bamm

Ready to go!

Our little Princess :)

Me and my girls fighting the rain to collect cans

By the end of the night we were frozen and wet, but we had a blast!

A better family picture, but of course Mark isn't looking!

Finally trick-or-treating at Aunt Bupa and Aunt Jess'

He liked this game!

Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween weekends! I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas! It will be here before you know it :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mark's first football game

On Oct. 23rd, as previously mentioned, we went to the Central/Smiths game. Mark loved his first football game! I think he was shocked at first, but he started getting into it. These are a few pictures from that night.

Oh and Central won! :)