Friday, May 29, 2009

Book review and prayer request

I have been very slack with my blogging lately, but I finally finished this book I have been reading for months it seems! Hurricane Season by Sonja Bentley Zant is one of the best books I have ever read. It is an amazing story and it's even better because it carries a huge message. I recommend it to anyone who is an avid reader. If you are interested we sell it at J&M for $19.95 :) I'm sure you could also find it online.
Here is a summary from the back of the book:

Eloise Butts is still “waiting” at age 33. Living in Miami’s South Beach, where being a virgin is highly unusual, Eloise finds herself strangely aware of her unique situation. But when she gets a chance to move to Italy for three months, she opens herself up to the complete possibilities of love for the very first time. When a dashing Italian man named Marco Maselli sweeps her off her feet, Eloise struggles to discover the difference between lust and love while remaining true to her self in the process. In the end, when what she thought was love blows in, blows up and blows out of her life, all that remains is who she is as a person.

It’s the story of holding on to a deeper sense of self—no matter how counter-culture or strange that may seem.

One word...AWESOME!

Secondly my husband, Christopher lost his job Wednesday so please keep us in your prayers as he looks for another one. We know God will take care of us, but I have been a little on edge about it since it is not a stable time for us financially. We are extremely blessed to be surrounded by wonderful, amazing family and friends who have already been such a huge support and encouragement. I don't think we could ask for more! THANK YOU!
I'll try to get back on this weekend and post some recent pictures of the monkey but until then enjoy your Friday :) Yay! I'm pumped!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Mother's Day weekend 2009 pictures

This was Sat. night...the pictures are out of order.

Mark's 1st reaction to the was cold though!

Silly Buffy...

Our pretty feet after our pedicures!

This is Fri. night. at the Rock Band party at the Edds!

Sweet kisses from Aunt Bupa :)

Mark and his (girl)friend Lydia!

Growing so fast...

Eating breakfast Sunday morning before church.

Mother's day 2009. Me and my sweet, sweet little boy :)

Swimming and liking the water much more!

the Adams family

How do you like our new, fabulous dresses?? These girls are the BEST!

Mark and Mommy :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend!

Wow! I'm so behind on my blogging and I have so much to blog about. I'm going to try and not make this a novel so here goes...

Mother's Day weekend was absolutely perfect!

Friday night we started the weekend out with a bang! We went to our friends, Joel and Kasey Edds, house to play Rock Band! Our all time favorite thing to do on the weekends :) It was so much fun and I got some cute pics of the kids.

Saturday I had to work for part of the day and Mark stayed home with Daddy. After I got off work I went to Jessica and Buffy's and we met Jill to get pedicures. It was part of my Mother's day and boy was it amazing! I love being pampered :) After we left there we went to TJ Maxx to find cute dresses, and I had to get Mother's day for my Moms still. I know it was last minute, but I was so busy last week. Buffy and I got our dresses there and then we went to Kohl's where Jessica and Jill found there's. We left Kohl's and went back to Jessica and Buffy's to finish up dinner. Buffy made her first roast and it was very tasty! The boys came over and we all ate dinner and then we went down to the pool. We thought we were all going to swim but Buffy, Mark, and I just sat on the side b/c the water was so cold!!! Mark didn't like it too much. After we left the pool we went back to the apt. to watch "Casablanca". It was a movie I have always wanted to see so Jill rented it and brought it over. It was okay, but it would have been better if I hadn't been falling asleep. I was SO tired.
When we got home I got to get my present early! Mark and Christopher got me a fern and a Cora Vinca plant. I have been wanting some outside plants for our apt. and they did a good job!

Sunday morning we got up and got ready for church. All of us girls wore our new dresses (yes we are dorks) and we looked so cute! I wanted to get a family picture but I forgot. For lunch we went to Outback and it was SO delicious! I even got a $10 off coupon for our next visit :) After lunch we went home and got our swim stuff to go to Jessica and Buffy's. We went by to see my Mom on the way to give her a gift and tell her happy mother's day. We went swimming and it was still a little chilly but not too bad once you got in and got used to it. Mark liked it! I think he is going to be my little water baby this summer. I hope so at least. We love to swim. We stayed at the pool for a while and then got cleaned up for church. We went back to church and got to see Momma Dru (Christopher's mom) and give her her gift. We went back to Jessica and Buffy's and the girls watched "Bride Wars" and the guys went swimming again. We went down to the pool before the movie to have a little photo shoot in our new dresses! I love those girls!! I'm so lucky to have an amazing family and awesome friends :)

I'll post all the pics from this weekend tonight or tomorrow. I forgot my camera today and I'm at work! Hope you are all having a great day!