Friday, July 13, 2012

Independence Day 2012

Happy 4th of July (a little late, as always!)!  We had a very low key Independence Day but it was wonderful :)  The kids and I got out and went on a little walk that morning before it got too hot.  I was still sweating like crazy but it was nice to get for a little bit in the sunshine and fresh air!
showin' off his ninja turtle

After we went for a walk we got some water and headed to the pool. It was early so no one else was there yet.  It was nice to play with the kids and get to do something as a family of 4.  We rarely get to all go to the pool together.
little girl isn't a huge fan of the pool :/

father and son

So I have to explain both of these pictures...Alyssah has been making this face a lot lately (the one in the second photo), and Mark was the only one who could get her to do it at first.  I guess that's why he was making it in the 1st one and then she finally did it in the second one.  I don't remember saying to make the face but nevertheless it's a memory.
We (Mark and I) on our way to church and I wanted a picture of us in our patriotic outfits :)
Mark made this hat in his class during the service.  Cutie!

waiting for the fireworks and having a popsicle after church with our friends

Happy Independence Day, America!
I am very thankful to live in a country where I have the freedom to be who I am, help provide for my family, and worship my God.  I'm most of all thankful for the freedom I have in Jesus.  I'm thankful that He has set me free from the bonds of satan and sin and given me true redemption.  What a wonderful Savior!