Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Our visit with Santa 2014

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful!  I loved having both of the kids at home for the week with no schedules and easy mornings :)

We went to a holiday open house in Alabaster the weekend before Thanksgiving and had a little visit with Santa!  This year was a welcomed easy, tear less process...let's just say A hasn't been to fond of Jolly Ol' St. Nick the past year or so ;)

The kiddos had their lists to reference to while discussing their gift ideas.  We did this last year with Mark and it seemed to make things easier and a little quicker.

Mark reassuring sister that Santa was nice!  He's a good brother.

Santa tried to get some of A's sugar but she looked at him like he was crazy...it was cute.  He gave her some love instead.  Daddy was proud of her!

We are enjoying the Christmas season so far and look forward to all the fun to come!  We have started our Advent countdown and I'll share about that later this week hopefully.  Let's get real, it will probably be next week ;)  Have a great week!  Merry Christmas!