Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall fashion for little girls!

We've had a taste of fall weather around here the past week, but I'm so ready for it to stay for good!  I was just browsing pinterest today and saw some precious fall outfits for my sweet Alyssah.  I love that she already wants to pick out her clothes...sometimes ;)  It's fun, but also frustrating when she won't pick out anything at all and just stands there staring at her closet.  What will I do when she's a teen?!?

I'm not sure how she will do with hats or scarves this year either.  She doesn't really like wearing things on her head except her bows.  She's got to have a bow ;)  I created a monster by sticking those on her head since her first day on earth. lol  I love it though...she's definitely a Southern belle!

Hope you are getting some fall weather wherever you are you. Happy Wednesday :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Catching up yet again...

Hey everyone!  It's me again...that lady that hasn't blogged in FOREVER, yep, I'm still alive ;)  Hope you are all enjoying the beginning of my favorite time of the year.  What's not to love?!  Football, harvest, pumpkins, Thanksgiving, Christmas carols, and Jesus!  That's a lot of fun-ness!

Just thought I would update all of you on life happenings at the Adams' casa!

As I wrote about last time, Mark started Kindergarten in August and is loving it.  The first week was a little rough adjusting for him, but he's improving and getting the hang of it.  Alyssah is sleeping in her converted toddler bed now as of  08/21 and doing great!  She loves that she gets to have a big girl bed.  She's doing great with potty-ing and her accidents are getting fewer and fewer!  I'm so proud of my babies.  They are just growing right in front of my eyes and keep me laughing!

We started fall small groups at our church a week ago, and it's been so awesome already!  I'm very excited about what this next year holds for us as a group.  The curriculum is for two semesters but I love that we will really get to know these new friends.  We really only know two of the couples so it will be fun getting to know everyone else and their kiddos.  We are doing "Growing Kids God's Way" and have learned so much in just two weeks.  I can't wait to learn the rest!  I'll be updating on that as well when I have time.  Hopefully, those of you that have children will benefit from it.  I definitely recommend doing the curriculum.  You can purchase dvds, workbooks, and more here.

Hope you are all having a great week so far!  Fall is in the air, and I loooove it!  War Eagle :)