Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Weekend Review

sleepy boy Saturday afternoon

enjoying a sweet treat after Christmas lights on Friday night

We had a fun, busy weekend!  Friday night we went to the Lundy house in Columbus to see their light show.  This family and their neighbors do a lovely light show to music on a local radio station every Christmas.  They take donations for Children's Miracle Network.  We love to go and support this wonderful cause!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Our weird week!

mailing Christmas cards on Tuesday morning with Mommy :)

trying to cool down his fever...silly!

hanging out with his favorite furry friend :)

trees are so much prettier with presents under them!
We had a very interesting week.  Mark got sick at school Monday and actually threw-up on a little boy in his class.  Oops!  Later that night he started running a fever and it was high all day Tuesday.  Of course he was home with me, but we managed to get most of our Christmas cards mailed.  I'll post a pic here later in case you were missed...if you were I'm sorry!  Wednesday (yesterday) he was still pretty puny (sp?) so we were home then too.  After lunch he started getting some energy back and today he is at school.  I think he had a mild case of the flu.  He and Alyssah both had their flu shots about a month ago, so I guess that helped?  I tried to keep her away from him as much as possible.  She went to school those 2 days to stay away from the germs.  Hopefully she will be ok.

I got caught up on house work since I was home and got some presents wrapped.  Still have a few to buy and more to wrap, but it was a start ;)  I just looove Christmas!

Hope you are having a good week!

Monday, December 10, 2012

School Pictures

These are my sweet babies' Christmas pictures that were taken at school.  I took pictures of them with my phone, but I bought the one of them together.  They are just the sweetest, most precious kiddos :)  I'm so blessed to be their Mommy.  It can definitely be a challenging job, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

The Christmas season is in full swing for us and we have really been enjoying it!  Every year seems more fun than the last with the kids.  I love sharing traditions and stories with them.  What precious memories! :)

Hope you and yours are well and loving this season celebrating our Savior! More to come ;)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thankful Tree

These aren't the best pictures b/c I took them with my phone but this is how our Thankful tree turned out.  I started this tradition last year but changed it a little.  I found this different way to do the tree and like it so much more.  Last year I did real twigs and hung the leaves, but you couldn't really read them, and I didn't have a good spot to put it.  The kids and I did a leaf a day in November for something we are thankful for.  We tried to include everyone, but there were only so many leaves.  Next year we may have to do 2 leaves a day ;)

The list consisted of (in no particular order):
-Jesus/God (although He was 1st and should be ;))
-Church of the Highlands
-Christmas (included our tree, lights, and Jesus' bday)
-Joo (Jill)
-Big Daddy
-Blake and Grace
-Aunt Brandi and Ariel
-our home
-the Bible
-Nay-Nay (Janine) and Dustin
-Uncle Joe
-baby Joey
-Derik and K
-Casey and Gracie
-school and friends

Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving and are enjoying the start of the Christmas season!  I know we are :)  Lots more updating to come from the Adams!  Stay tuned!