Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Coming soon.....

Adams, party of FIVE!!

Yes, in August our family will welcome another sweet baby :)  We are so excited and the kiddos are making this so much fun for me. 

Mark has told me that he would like to have a brother but having another sister would be ok b/c Alyssah needs someone to play tea party with ;)  It's very interesting to have older children who understand that there will be another person in the family.

Alyssah is starting to catch on, although she doesn't understand why she can't see the baby in my belly.  She's trying to figure out how it got there.  She is also starting to make plans for the baby.  She keeps telling me that we need to get baby toys and a swing.  She's been asking what else we need :)  She's going to be an awesome helper!

We found out that we were pregnant on Dec. 5th.  It was the best Christmas present!  Although I was excited, I felt awful from the day I found out on until about 13 weeks.  I am enjoying being pregnant much more at this point.  Christmas wasn't too fun but that's ok.  I was comforted by the nausea and exhaustion.  

Everything with this pregnancy has been different from my pregnancies with Mark and A.  I was only sick with them from week 10-14, and I never felt as tired as I have this time.  My cravings are different too.  I want McDonald's all the time, and I usually hate it.  I also hardly ever want Dr. Pepper and if you know me well, I'm addicted!  I love pickles and hate onions.  Lately, I can't get enough oranges and orange juice.

I feel very blessed to be able to be at home this time around.  It has been nice to be able to nap and take it easy.  Poor Alyssah has been a trooper.  I'm glad I'm feeling better so I can do more with her.  I still take naps but not as much ;)

I'm looking forward to getting ready for another sweet bundle to be in my arms.  God's goodness and faithfulness amazes me over and over.  Two years ago around this time, I was healing from losing a baby that went to be in heaven. His timing is always perfect even if we don't understand.

Hopefully, I will be good at documenting everything in the months to come.  Can't wait to know if baby is a sweet girl or boy!  We should know in about a month!!

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